U Hackathon 1.0 is an initiative towards providing a platform to energized young leaders, enabling them to identify real life problems and to think, design and develop modern solutions for them.

Take a Look Around our Objectives

The U Hackathon community aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, top industry experts and students under one roof to collaborate on projects with new advancements in technology. We aspire to enable students in finding an innovative, cutting edge solution to open research problems.

Hackathon 1.0 will expose students to an environment which is optimal for exploring new techniques for problem solving. It will allow students to experience the ideation work flow & designing roadmap necessary for building software products that tackle real life issues.

Key Features

• Industry Aligned Problem Statements.
• Internship Opportunities with our partners*
• Solving real world problems through IT.
• Registration Free for Girl Teams enabling women empowerment.
• Focusing on MSME, Rural and Smart city based case studies.

Hackathon Road Map

12 March 2019
Website Live

Hackathon Website Goes Online

25 March 2019
Team Registration

The team registration process begins.

15 April 2019
Problem Statement Selection

The Themes are selected by the teams.
Teams submit Abstract Synopsis of the project they undertake

5 May 2019
Registration Closes

The final date of team registration.

5 May 2019
Problem Statement Selection Closes

The final date of theme booking.

5 May 2019
Result Round 1.0

Team selected in round 1.0 are declared.

13 May 2019
Result Round 1.1

Team selected in round 1.1 are declared.

28 May 2019
Round 2

Selected teams are called at the university for 24 hour hackathon.


Why UPES Hackathon is something you have never seen?

● Choose from a plethora of Real-Life Problems from top industry giants and get your brain cells running for the new beginning.

● Get on-board with the experts from the industry. Opportunities knock your door as your work might be the next big thing that they want.

● Your work will not go to waste! Internship Opportunities will be provided to the winning candidates.Network, work, share, and grow to grab some of the best intern opportunities available in the corporate.

● Be famous with National-level Recognition from the university. Showcase your skills on a platform you have never seen before.

● Teams joining us from around the country will be Reimbursed for their travel expenses!

Exclusive: Free registration for All-Girls Team.



Team Registered


Company Registered


Themes Available




The total prize money for UPES Hackathon 1.0 is 1 Lakh.

The duration of the UPES Hackathon 1.0 is 24 hours.

The registration fee includes food, but not accommodation.

Re-imbursement will be provided for students from more than 400 km.

You can submit the solution onile from 15th April 2019. You have to follow the below
1. First Register your team
2.Select atmost 3 problem statements that you/your team wants to participate
3.Solution submission portal open on 15th April 2019, and upload your solution as per given format. (format can be found at rules and regulation section/studnet dashboard)
4. Once you upload your solutions organisation team will validate and a confirmation mail/sms will be sent to your mail/mobile
Note: Providing a solution proposal does not means that your propsal has been accepted. It only acceptable after peer reviewed by technical team.

Registration can be done through the website.

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Other Query

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