About U-Hackathon

The U-Hackathon community aims to bring together researchers, practitioners, top industry experts and students under one roof to collaborate on projects with new advancements in technology. We aspire to enable students in finding an innovative, cutting edge solution to open research problems.

Hackathon 2.0 will expose students to an environment which is optimal for exploring new techniques for problem solving. It will allow students to experience the ideation work flow & designing roadmap necessary for building software products that tackle real life issues.

28-29th Feb’ 2020

Why UPES Hackathon?

U-Hackathon 2.0 is an initiative towards providing a platform to energized young leaders, enabling them to identify real life problems and to think, design and develop modern optimized solutions for them.


Real-Life Problems

Choose from a plethora of Real-Life Problems from top industry giants and get your brain cells running for the new beginning.


Industry Aligned

Get on-board with the experts from the industry. Opportunities knock your door as your work might be the next big thing that they want.


Internship Opportunities

Your work will not go to waste! Internship Opportunities will be provided to the winning participants. Network, work, share, and grow to grab some of the best intern opportunities available in the corporate.



Be famous with National-level Recognition from the university. Showcase your skills on a platform you have never seen before.



Teams joining us from around the country will be Reimbursed for their travel expenses!


Exciting Prizes

Cash prizes worth 50,000 along with exciting goodies, trophies and individual medals.

Some Stats from the U-Hackathon 1.0




Team Registered


Company Registered


Themes Available


Following is the Event Schedule with some description about the series of events.

Closing date for Proposal submission by companies

Companies will be submitting their proposal of different subject matters. Participants can select these subject matters provided by companies and have to lay out solutions based on these subject matters.

  • Start: 28/09/2019
  • End: 30/11/2019

Closing date for team registration

Deadline for the team registrations for Hackathon 2.0. After this date, no registrations will be taken.

  • End: 5 January 2020

Final date for registration payment

Closing date for:

  • Final Payment
  • NOC
  • Confirmation of teams for final round

Closing date for abstract submission

Last day for all the teams to submit abstract on their chosen subject matter.

Result declaration of Round-1

Results of Round-1 will be proclaimed and selected teams will enter the next round.

Result declaration of Round-1.1

Results of Round-1.1 will be proclaimed and selected teams will enter the next round.

Announcement of Final Teams

Final teams for Hackathon 2.0 will be declared and selected teams will be competing against each other.

Commencement of U-Hackathon2.0

The two day event will begin where participants will be challenging their coding skills, patience and resilience.



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    UPES, Bidholi, Dehradun